The Pullenvale Hall (owned and managed by the Pullenvale Progress Association)

What the Pullenvale Hall can be hired for?

Community events, conferences, dance classes, yoga classes, fitness classes, martial art classes, memorial services and wakes, social gatherings, weddings, birthday anniversaries, children’s birthday parties, and any other reasonable activity judged by the PPA as being in keeping with our local community expectations.

What the Pullenvale Hall cannot be hired for?

Teenage and twenty first birthday parties, school formals (pre & post), recovery parties or any other event deemed by the PPA as unsuitable. All decisions as to hire, or otherwise, are at the discretion of the PPA.

Note: We are a community located venue and as a sign of respect for those of our community that live close to the Hall, the Pullenvale Progress Association have put a cap on the number of night time or evening events per year we can hold.

Facilities at the Hall

The main Hall area has a polished timber floor and an annex with a functional kitchen.

Hall Dimensions

Hall Proper 15m x 9m + stage 2.5m x 7m
Annexe 10m x 4.5m
Yard flat space 3om x 17m + lots more.

The kitchen contains two ovens, a dishwasher, medium refrigerator, two sinks and a hot water urn.

There are six plastic trestle tables measuring 1.8 metres by 0.7 metres which will seat 6 on the sides and one on each end. We also have 50 plastic stackable chairs.

There is a male, and female (disabled) toilet block outside the Hall within the grounds.

The grounds have been landscaped to the north and south of the Hall.

Approximate Base Costs of Hire

Weddings and Engagements Ceremonies (evening): $2,200 and a $750 bond. As a general rule, this allows for three days of use allowing the day before for set up and the day after for clean up.

All event hire equipment including, mobile fridges must be removed by 2pm Sunday (or by negotiation for a possible additional charge)

Weekend day hire $600 and a $500 bond.

For all other events please submit a request.

Payment details and Bond conditions are included on our Agreement Form, available on request.

Conditions of Hire (more detailed conditions will be provided on request)

The Hall, it’s grounds, its facilities and surroundings must be left clean, tidy and returned at the end of the hire in the same condition as it was hired. Any cost of repair, or additional cleaning (above normal requirements) will be deducted from the bond.

The Hirer is responsible for the safe and proper conduct of any guests attending an event. All insurance and public liability etc needs to be taken out by the hirer.

Amplified Music

• Inside the Hall

o 7am – 10pm 115dBC

o 10pm – Midnight 86dBC

• Outside the hall

o 7am – 10pm 107dBC

o 10pm – midnight 78dBC

All events must be vacated by midnight.

Decoration of the Hall excludes the use of nails, pins, tape or any other instrument that may damage the composition of the Hall. Plans for significant decoration of the Hall must be negotiated and approved by the PPA prior to hire.

The Hall is a facility for our Local Community to use and enjoy the use of. Our prevailing principle is for our Hall to be respected as a valuable, community facility and be returned in the same condition to which it was hired out. Our Hall is not to be used for accommodation and hirers are not permitted to sleep on site.


Q. What lighting is available? A. There is a combination of floodlights and spotlights lighting the north and south hall grounds.

Q. Is the Hall air-conditioned? A. No it isn’t – but there are plentiful windows along each side that are able to be opened to provide air-flow. We also have several large pedestal fans available with the hire of our Hall.

Q. Are there kitchen and cooking facilities available? A. Yes, however these can be provided at an extra cost. Please request.

Q. How do I get keys for entry on hire dates? A. Contact the Booking Officer to arrange closer to the time of your hire event to coordinate.

Q. What parking is available? A. There is ample roadside parking on Pullenvale Road and Grandview Road. Please follow Queensland Road Safety rules including no parking on or near the intersection. When parking roadside, please park parallel to the road and in the direction of the flow of traffic following Queensland Road Safety rules.

Q. Does the Hall have rubbish facilities? A. No the Hall does not have rubbish removal facilities, and hirers need to remove all rubbish from the Hall.